Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Our Management Team will take all practical steps to ensure that all potential hazards and risks are identified, and that suitable and effective preventative and control measures are implemented.

We consider the Health & Safety of employees, clients and members of the public to be of paramount importance.

As you would expect from a professional window cleaning company, Health & Safety always comes top of our priority list.

We are constantly monitoring, reviewing and improving our procedures to reduce any possible hazards that may arise in the workplace.

Safety is our priority

Risk Assessment

At Heritage, we always put health and safety first to ensure we can deliver the desired results with limited risk.

Before any new commercial contract can commence, Heritage Property Services will provide you with a risk assessments and method statement highlighting any potential hazards and detailing how the job will be implemented.

We always conduct risk assessments to allow us to identify and control risks that otherwise could harm our staff or the public. Not only will risk assessments highlight the methods we need to take to ensure safety but also give you peace of mind that we conduct our services safely and professionally.

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